I kept putting off starting this because I never could make the commitment to post regularly.  Then I had a comment that was way too long for someone else’s comment section.  I imagine this will just be a collection of extended comments.

I’m an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at a de facto open admissions university that is pretty good for what it is.  There is a Quaker meeting here, but I sometimes attend more regularly than others.  I’m not a member of any meeting (for reasons that might be the subject of a post at some point), though I think many longtime members of many meetings would agree one is always becoming a Quaker, never being one.

As far as I know, I am the only person consistently using the quasihumanist moniker in various places on the Internet.  Some people know who I am in real life.  I leave enough hints around for anyone to figure it out with a little sleuthing.  If you do know who I am, please don’t explicitly link my real name with this.  The level of pseudonymity I am aiming for is the following: someone typing my real name into Google should not be able to find this.


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